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Do you need help paying the right dues at the right time? Now that you’ve found us at Upland Tax Services of West Palm Beach, you don’t need to look further in West Palm Beach, FL. We are your go-to tax preparation experts that can assist you in terms of preparing, filing, and even in terms of general tax forms. If you want to stay out of jail time or avoid paying large interest rates with the IRS or Internal Revenue Service (IRS), then allow us to help you audit and pay the correct amount of taxes, to avoid breaking any laws and minimize the tax burden on your end.

Our Services

Tax Resolution

Tax Resolution
Do you currently have a tax problem? We'll work on the solution for your tax problems through our preparation service. If, in any case, your tax returns are complicated, the IRS will audit you to verify whether you are reporting the correct amount of income and claiming the correct deductions. In addition, if the IRS believes you may have underreported your income, contact us to help you today.

Bookkeeping Payroll

Bookkeeping Payroll
As part of our tax filing service, we will manage and maintain the financial records related to employee salaries, wages, and payroll taxes. This should include the hours your work, calculating your gross pay, withholding taxes, and preparing your payroll tax filings. Our team will ensure your employees' accuracy and timely payment while we help businesses comply with local, federal, and state taxes.

Accounting Services

Accounting Services
In our service, we will prepare your financial statement, budgeting, forecasting, and financial analysis. We help businesses make informed financial decisions and ensure the compilation of financial reporting requirements. Businesses in the area can benefit from us as a third-party professional tax preparer, so they don't have to take time to hire their very own employee for it.

Tax Filing Services

Tax Filing Services
As a company that helps our clients with tax filing, we ensure that those who book our expertise, whether a single professional or an entire entity, will pay taxes on time. Other than that, we also use our expertise to calculate that their taxes should be accurate and that their financial earnings and expenses are not underreported.

Tax Preparation Services

Tax Preparation Services
Need help with the preparation of your tax returns? Then we've got you. We will help you maximize your tax deductions and credits, minimize tax liability, and ensure compliance with applicable tax laws and regulations. We will offer you our professional service so that you get a burden off your shoulders during tax filing and avoid being placed behind bars.

Other Services

  • Business Consulting & Management Services
  • ERC¬†Assistance

Professional Tax Preparation Service is What We Do Best

As we are companies that have been providing quality tax preparation services, when you trust us, this responsibility will be taken off your shoulders. Another advantage you may gain from this is that instead of doing it yourself and underreporting some of your financial earnings and transactions, our services can help you completely plan them.

Locations We Serve:

Our services are not only limited to clients in West Palm Beach, FL, but it is also applicable to the following locations within Florida:

  • Schall Circle
  • Greenacres
  • North Palm Beach Village
  • Palm Beach Town
  • Lake Park Town

In Florida, if you were to file your return or pay your tax late, you would be paying a penalty of 10% of your total tax amount, and not less than $50 will be charged. However, if you fail to pay your taxes religiously, the IRS will seize your property and assets (lein) and may even garnish your waves. In severe cases, jail time of up to five years will be followed for tax evasion.

Contact us at Upland Tax Services of West Palm Beach today or visit our location in Florida. Call us through our company number to avail of our tax planning service.

Client Testimonials
Awesome Work!

I run a business and needed someone who was a professional tax preparer. However, I really don't like taking time in terms of hiring an employee, so I sought help from a tax preparation team who could compile it for me. Thankfully, they fully compiled everything without issues and made all the work easy for me.

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  • Tax Resolution
  • Bookkeeping Payroll
  • Accounting Services
  • Tax Filing Services
  • Tax Preparation Services
  • Business Consulting & Management Services
  • Erc Assistance

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